Consumer loans

Loan Calculator

Annuity Reducing

Lombard credit Simple

20,000-2 million AMD

Up to 12 months

If You need money urgently

     to meet consumer needs,

and You can pledge golden things or gold, and You do not want to pay assessment, as well as, granting fees of loan, then “Kamurj “ UCO CJSC offers You a Gold pledge loan with the following conditions:


Loan Disbursement Conditions




RA citizen (s) and RA resident individual (s)
Age limitation 18-70
Loan amount 20,000-2,000,000 AMD
Annual interest rate 21.8%
Loan repayment term

Up to 12 months

Loan / collateral ratio


Loan servicing monthly fee


Payment mode

Loan principal repayments at the end of the loan agreement term,

Interest payments: monthly

Granting fee Free of charge
Gold Assessment Fee Free of charge
Granting mode With AMD, cash and  lump-sum
Lending territory Territory of RA
Early payment penalty The borrower should pay accrued interests and penalties (if any) until the early payment date.
Applicable penalties

Overdue loan amount and overdue interest rates 0.12% per day (maximum 90 calendar days)

Other conditions

 No other person's warranty is required,
 Withdrawn Loans: additional discounts for months are made maximum with 6 months period,
 Custody is free for 2 months, but for further custody 1000 AMD per month is charged,
 The following gold categories are acceptable: 375, 500, 583, 750, 875, 900, 958, 999.

Maximum term of loan approval

20 minutes

 Maximum length of loan granting 20 minutes


Necessary requirements for Borrowers

  Up to 200,000 AMD loan, ACRA request is not made,

  In case of loans, exceeding AMD 200,000, the borrower's credit risk class is acceptable until the doubtful class,

  The Borrower may not have a credit history.


List of Required Documents

 Passport and/or Identification card, and Social card

 In case of loans exceeding 200,000 AMD, Application form (agreement of making a request from ACRA systems is included)

Actual Annual interest rate 

ATTENTION: Annual real rate shows how much the loan will cost to you after paying the interest rate and other payments in defined deadlines and amounts. You can find the calculation order of annual real interest rate in following address  8/01


ATTENTION: If you do not perform your whole liabilities within prescribed time, the information about you will be recorded in the Credit Register of the Central Bank of Armenia by the creditor.

WARNING: Your assets (house, car, etc.) may be confiscated if you do not make payments of interest and credit amount within the prescribed time as well as other regulations specified in the agreement between you and the “Kamurj” company.