“Kamurj“ credit organization has introduced a new micro-agricultural/business loan

“Kamurj” UCO has introduced a business/agricultural “Express” type of loan and has improved the terms of current business and agricultural microcredits.

The newly introduced business and agricultural Express loan allows customers to receive up to 500,000 AMD or  1,000 $ in 2 hours for both agricultural and business purposes, with no pledge and without guarantee.

One of the advantages of “Express” type of loan is also the fact, that the current and former customers of  “Kamurj” UCO  will be provided with a more affordable interest rate.

The terms of current up to 3,000,000 AMD or 6,000 $ business and agricultural loans  have been improved- the loan interest rate has been reduced from now on, allowing customers to borrow for both agricultural and business purposes at a 15% annual interest rate without monthly maintenance fees.

Moreover, in case of crediting for agricultural purposes, during 36 months-term, the given loan provides a grace period up to 27 months, which will allow customers to repay loan repayments with individual timetable customized with agriculture seasonality.