Agricultural loans

Loan Calculator

Annuity Reducing


4,000,000 - 160,000,000 AMD

Starting from 11.5% interest rate

8 - 60 months-term from which

Up to 30 months - grace period



If you need money

        Micro, small and medium business development

        Small and Medium rural business development

        Replenishment of working capital

        Capital investment or combination


as well as for other similar purposes and you can pledge equal property then “KAMURJ” UCO offer you business loan with following conditions  

Loan granting conditions 



Borrower (s)

In case of business loans: RA citizen and RA resident Private entrepreneur and RA resident legal entities

In case of agricultural loans: RA citizen and RA resident individuals

Age limitation

Borrower's age at the moment of applying minimum 18, maximum 70

Loan amount 

4,000,000 - 160,000,000 AMD

Annual interest rate

Business loans - 11.5% - 13.4%

Agricultural loans - 13.4%

Annual factual interest rate

12.12% - 14.25%

Լoan repayment term     

24 - 60 months - In case of capital investments or combination* 

8 - 36 months - In case of replenishment of working capital 

Grace period (only interests are paid)

3 - 30 months - In case of capital investments or combination*  

3 - 15 months - In case of replenishment of working capital

Granting fee

Free of charge

Lending territory              

RA territories 

Loan application review fee

RA territories 

Payment mode

Annuity (equal monthly payments)

Equal monthly payments on the loan amount 

Other - customer cash flow matching

Applicable penalties

Overdue loan amount and overdue interest rates 0.12% per day (maximum 90 calendar days)

Loan Security

Real estate or moving property

Loan / Collateral value ratio

 In case of immovable property -  up to 60% of liquid value

 In case of movable property and village equipments -  up to 50% of liquid value

 In case of movable property -  up to 40% of liquid value

Additional security

Guarantee for Legal entity and / or individual, pledge of moveable property and so on

Pledge Insurance

Is not mandatory

The borrower covers the insurance expenses according to the tariffs of insurance companies

Maximum length of decision-making

Within 10 days after presentation of all the required documents

Maximum length of  loan granting

Аfter the state registration and submission of the pledge right: 2 working days

You can repay the loan early without paying any fine and penalty.

The lending is implemented by the help of German-Armenian Fund (KfW).

*  At least 70% of the loan amount should be directed to capital investments, if nothing else is defined by the refinancing company, otherwise, the loan will be considered as a loan provided for the purpose of replenishing working capital. 

** The interest rate depends on the customer's creditworthiness, from the level of risk and from the implemented program.



Application refusal


Fluctuation of foreign currency exchange rates can influence on the repayments of the loan.

ATTENTION: If you do not perform your whole liabilities within prescribed time, the information about you will be recorded in the Credit Register of the Central Bank of Armenia by the creditor. 

WARNING: Your assets (house, car, etc.) may be confiscated if you do not make payments of interest and credit amount within the prescribed time as well as other regulations specified in the agreement between you and the “KAMURJ” company.