Loan Calculator

Annuity Reducing

Improving housing conditions Simplified Microloan

500,000 - 3,000,000 AMD 

With the term of 48 months from which

Up to 36 months - grace period

Without collateral 

If you need money

     for improving your house conditions,


     as well as, for the repayment of the creditor debt coming from that purpose,

and you can present guarantors then “KAMURJ” offers you credit with following conditions.


Loan granting conditions  

Indicators Conditions
Borrower (s)

Ra citizen (s) and RA resident individual (s)

Age limitation

18 - 70 

Loan amount

500,000 - 3,000,000 AMD 

Annual interest rate 


Annual actual interest rate


Loan repayment term With 48 months   
Grace period of loan repayment 

Up to 36 months (when only loan interest is paid ) 

Payment mode

 Annuity (equal monthly payments)

 Equal monthly payments of the loan amount

 Other - customer cash flow matching

Loan servicing monthly fee 0.2%
Loan granting fee 2.5% (lump-sum)
Loan application review fee  Free of charge
Lending territory The Republic of Armenia
Loan security 

• Guarantee of at least 2 individuals

Persons related to the borrower can not be the guarantor to the same loan for repayment.

Preterm repayment conditions

The borrower should pay accrued interests and penalties (if any) until the early payment date.

Penalty calculation Overdue loan amount and overdue interest rates 0.12% per day (maximum 90 calendar days)
Maximum term of loan approval Within 7 days after presentation of all the required documents
Maximum length of loan granting Within a day after presentation of all the required documents

List of necessary documents

    • The identification document


Aactual annual interest rate

ATTENTION: Actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost to you after paying the interest rate and other payments in defined deadlines and amounts. You can find the calculation order of annual interest rate by pressing here  8/01




For 30 boarding communities of Tavush and Vayots Dzor regions almost all types of loans up to 4 million AMD or up to 10.000 USD are provided with the following privileges: 


   Without loan granting fee 
  • Without commission fee 


 Annual interest rates of all types of loan have been reduced to 18%. Only the annual interest rate of the individual loan for real estate renovation is reduced to 16%.    

The list of board communities of RA who have privileges


ATTENTION: If you do not perform your whole liabilities within prescribed time, the information about you will be recorded in the Credit Register of the Central Bank of Armenia by the creditor. 

Your assets (house, car, etc.) may be confiscated if you do not make payments of interest and credit amount within the prescribed time as well as other regulations specified in the agreement between you and the “KAMURJ” company.

Please note that this type of loan has a high annual interest rate. Therefore, consider other similar services available in the market in advance and evaluate your chances of repaying the loan.