“KAMURJ” UCO has invested a new ’’Easy Loan in 19 minutes

“KAMURJ” UCO has invested a new ‘’Easy Loan in 19 minutes'' consumer loans, which give the customers an opportunity to get a just 150.000, 400.000 or 750.000 AMD loans only with passport or Identification and Social security card. The loan is being provided with 24 month-term, 2 months of which can be a grace period, when the customer does not pay the principal amount of the loan.


“This new loan products were created by taking into account market demands. “Easy loan in 19 minutes” consumer products consist of 3 parts: Easy Loan singly, Easy loan together with a friend/ partner and Easy loan together with friends/ partners.

In case of ‘Easy loan singly’, the customer having only a positive credit history and presenting only a passport/ ID and Social security card, can get a loan of  just 150.000 AMD. In this case, there is no requirement for a reference from workplace, it is only necessary for the customer to be a registered worker with a positive credit history, moreover, neither his/her salary nor position are considered.

If a customer comes together with his/her friend or partner, they can apply for ‘Easy loan together with a friend/ partner’ loan type, totally getting a loan of just 400.000 AMD. One of the advantages of ‘Easy loan together with a friend/ partner’ loan type is in the fact, that one of the borrowers can not generally have a credit history, as well as a registered job. It is only necessary for one of the borrowers to satisfy the conditions (without presenting a reference from workplace, only being a registered worker and with a positive credit history).

The same principle works in case of ‘Easy loan together with friends/ partners’ loan type. If a customer comes together with his/her friends or colleagues, the loan amount is 750,000 AMD.

For these types of loans we do not use “up to” term, but we provide “just” 150.000, 400.000 and 750.000 AMD loans.

Another advantage of this new type of loan is that the decision on the loan is made in just 19 minutes. It should be noted, that current and former customers of the Company get the loan with, other, preferential terms. 

We are confident, that this new type of loan will gain a broad range of customers, as it enables the customer, even without a credit history to get a loan and set up their own credit history” , noted the head of  Marketing, PR and Advertisement department of “KAMURJ” UCO CJSC, Armen Arevyan.