Activities of “Kamurj” UCO CJSC are regulated by the laws of RA, other normative legal acts and local regulations.  



1. Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia

2. Law on the Central Bank of Armenia

3. RA Law on Joint Stock Companies

4. RA Law on Credit Organizations

5. RA Law on Combating the Legislation of Proceeds from Crime and Financing of Terrorism

6. RA Law on Bankruptcy of  Banks, Credit Organizations and Insurance Companies

7. RA Law on Consumer Loan Granting

8. RA Law on Financial System Mediator

9. RA Law on Banks and Bank Secrecy



1. The Resolution No 194-N of the Board of Central Bank of RA dated 01.07.2008 on Approving of Regulation 13 'Technical Adequacy requirements for Credit organizations for Registration and Licensing; Record of branches and Representations, Managers Qualifications, significant Participation in Statutory Fund.

2. The Resolution No 347-N of the Board of Central Bank of RA dated 05.11.2012 ''On Approving of Regulation 14'' ''Regulation on Activities of Credit organizations'' prudential Standards for Activities of Credit Organizations

3. The Resolution No 93- N of the Board of Central Bank of RA dated 03.03.2005 on Approving of Regulation 15 ''Credit organization Reports, their presentation and Publication''

4. Regulation 21 Central Bank of Armenia ''on Cash Operations Performed in Credit Organizations operating in the Republic of Armenia''

5. The Resolution No 166-N of the Board of Central Bank of RA dated 02.06.2009 ''On Approving the Regulation 8/03 ''Publicizing of the information by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Carrying  Out Money transfers

6. Regulation 8/04 on Minimum conditions and Principles for Internal Rules regulating the procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers

7. Regulation 8/05 on the Procedure, Terms, Forms and Minimum Requirements for Communication between Bank and Depositor, Creditor and Consumer

8. The Resolution No 142- N of the Board of Central bank of  RA dated 29.03.2005 ''On Approval of new edition of procedure for Creation of information system of Creditworthiness of Clients of Banks, Credit Organizations, Branches of Foreign banks operating in the Republic of Armenia '' that is of Credit Registry and procedure for Participation in Credit Registry

9. Resolution 63 of the Board of Central Bank of RA on Approval of Procedure on Classification of loans and Receivables and Creation of Possible Loss Reserves for Banks Operating in the Territory of the Republic of Armenia.