“Kamurj” Universal Credit Organization announces “Minus 4%” New Year campaign “MINUS 4%” for INDIVIDUAL consumer loan in CASH

On the eve of New Year holidays, “Kamurj” credit organization announces an action “MINUS 4%”. During the action, from December 1, customers will have the opportunity to apply to the INDIVIDUAL consumer loan in CASH with 4 percentage point less than nominal interest rate.

“Considering customer needs and the positive response of last year, this year also “Kamurj” UCO launched the “Minus 4%” New Year action.

“Within the campaign, our customers can get up to 1.5 million AMD unsecured consumer loans at reduced interest rate in 2 hours with 20% nominal interest rate based on a reference from the employer (if you are a registered employee), with passport and social security card. It should be also noted, that our customers can receive up to 1 million AMD loan even without a guarantee and additional documents. The campaign is valid until the 19th of January, 2018 inclusively”,- noted the head of Marketing, PR and Advertisement department at “Kamurj "UCO CJSC, Armen Arevyan.