The loans provided by "KAMURJ" UCO can be redeemed through "E-dram"

As a result of  the cooperation with the  company “E-dram” and "KAMURJ" UCO, it is already possible to carry  out  immediate loan payments, provided by "KAMURJ" Universal Credit Organization, through “E-dram” mobile app, website, as well as in the branches and by terminals.

"One of the advantages of this cooperation is the fact, that our customers can, hereinafter, make loan payments through mobile app by applying the latest technologies, that have become increasingly popular among the customers  with  wider popularity.

At  the online platform of “E-dram”  ( and E-dram mobile  wallet) the borrower, while making his/her credit liabilities, greatly saves time carrying out the payment  from anywhere. The transfer of money is carried out directly with online mode and the details of the transaction are, at all times, available in the history of

E-dram transactions score.

The transfer of payments, carried out on weekends, is done on the next working day”- noted the head of Treasury at "KAMURJ" UCO CJSC, Avetis Hovakimyan.