“KAMURJ” has introduced an innovative online lending tool

“KAMURJ” universal credit organization offers an innovative online lending tool in the financial market, which allows not only to provide loans for consumer needs, but also to provide agricultural loans of up to 4 million AMD, in which the seasonal nature of agriculture is taken into account.

All you need to do is take a few simple steps to apply for a loan online. The customer accesses the official website of the company, opens the online loan application window, which is located in the visible part of the site, begins to fill it in by entering his (guarantors, affiliates, if any) personal data, the amount required, the annual interest rate,  territorial service subdivision, etc. 

After performing the necessary actions, the loan application is created, which is sent to the service department.

After the loan is approved, the Customer and the guarantor/s are presented to the relevant territorial subdivision of the Company, only after signing all the necessary documents, the credit is transferred to the customer.

The service is available online, on the official page of “KAMURJ” UCO CJSC, both via computer and mobile version,- said the Director of “KAMURJ” UCO CJSC, A. Teryan.