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INDIVIDUAL consumer loan FAST

400,000 - 3,00,000 AMD

With 48 months term

Including a 4-month grace period

without a pledge


If you need money

        to meet consumer needs,


and you can provide a certificate from your or guarantor's workplace, then "KAMURJ" CJSC UCO offers you a loan with the following conditions:



Loan Disbursement Conditions

Indicators  Limits
Borrowers Registered employees
Age limitation Borrowers’ age at the moment  of applying must be 18-70
Loan amount 400,000 - 3,000,000 AMD

Annual interest rate


Annual factual interest rate

Loan maturity   With 48 months term

Loan grace period (when  only theloan interest and service fees  are paid)

4-month grace period


 Annuity (equal monthly payments)

 Equal monthly payments of the loan amount

Monthly servicing fee 0.2% of the balance of the calculated loan amount
Lending territory  The Republic of Armenia
Applicable penalties

Overdue loan amount and overdue interest rates 0.12% per day (maximum 90 calendar days)

Maximum term of loan approval Within 10 minutes after presentation of all the required documents
Maximum length of loan granting Within 2 hours after presentation of all the required documents
Loan security measure Reference from the  workplace, as well as, depending on the loan amount, at least  1 voucher  (employees registered minimum 3 months)


*Loan Amount

Gross Salary (AMD)

Without a guarantee 

1 guarantee  with low salary class

1 guarantee  with the same or high salary class

2 guarantees  with low salary class

2 guarantees,  1 person with low salary class, the 2nd with the same or high salary class

2 guarantees  with the same or high salary class


Uo to 100,000  400,000 AMD 680,000 AMD 800,000 AMD 720,000 AMD 880,000 AMD  960,000 AMD
100,001-150,000  500,000 AMD 850,000 AMD 1,000,000 AMD 900,000 AMD 1,100,000 AMD  1,200,000 AMD
150,001-200,000  600,000 AMD 1,020,000 AMD 1,200,000 AMD 1,080,000 AMD 1,320,000 AMD  1,440,000 AMD
200,001-300,000  800,000 AMD 1,360,000 AMD 1,600,000 AMD 1,440,000 AMD 1,760,000 AMD  1,920,000 AMD
300,001-400,000  1,000,000 AMD 1,700,000 AMD 2,000,000 AMD 1,800,000 AMD 2,200,000 AMD  2,400,000 AMD
400,001 and more  1,250,000 AMD 2,150,000 AMD 2,500,000 AMD 2,250,000 AMD 2,750,000 AMD  3,000,000_AMD

Required documents

• Application  form 

• Reference from the workplace (specifying  the period of work) 

• Passport and Social card /Identification card, if available/

• For the guarantor the required documents are the same  as mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd points and consent of request with  ACRA/ NORK systems



ATTENTION: Actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost to you after paying the interest rate and other payments in defined deadlines and amounts. You can find the calculation order of annual interest rate by pressing here 8/01


ATTENTION: If you do not perform your whole liabilities within prescribed time, the information about you will be recorded in the Credit Register of the Central Bank of Armenia by the creditor. 

ATTENTION: The number of loan applications submitted by a Client may have a negative impact on his/her credit rating.

WARNING: Your assets (house, car, etc.) may be confiscated if you do not make payments of interest and credit amount within the prescribed time as well as other regulations specified in the agreement between you and the “KAMURJ” company.

Please note that this type of loan has a high annual interest rate. Therefore, consider other similar services available in the market in advance and evaluate your chances of repaying the loan.